Polimer Commerce company, was founded in year 2008. -. It started with the sale of Polystyrene (PS) and Polyethylene-teraftalat (Plastic Packaging) foil very soon after also started manufacturing for pastry companies, using, thermal, product package, shaping systems.

In 6 years since startup, Polymer Commerce manufactures products for leading companies in the pastry business, milk production and distribution, industry and industry of ice cream and frozen foods. (Bambi And:D: Požarevac., Imlek A.d.. Belgrade, Mlekara Subotica And D., Frikom A.d.. Belgrade, Niš Milk Assoc., Kuč Company. LLC., Mlekopordukt Zrenjanin, MEGGLE Ltd. Serbia…) Polimer Commerce company, in year 2012 constructed new business building and production facility, we especially focused on delivering world class standard quality products and in the same time keep nature and environment safe and clean. All machines have thermal shape forming capabilities, and that feature of processing plastic materials is implemented in the Polymer Commerc production line.

Products are made of PS, (PET) Polyethylene terephthalate and (PVC) Polyvinyl chloride foils, we can manufacture and produce almost all customer product needs, Our company currently produces more than 30 different forms of cups and pots for various type of companies and customers. All our product packages also contain instruction manuals and health certificate documentation. Our product selection line can be divided into two categories:

  • Pastry industry
  • milk-processing industries and ice cream industries

Our, regular pastry industry customer is "Bambi-Banat a.d.. Požarevac, for same company we manufacture various types of products, shallow and deep product types, with various dimensions. some of the better known products are: Spa small Tub, Choco Plasma small Tub, Scarlett Trays, Zlatni Pek small Tub…

Milk-processing and ice cream industries are second part of our regular customers, we will name just few, they are: Imlek a.d.. Belgrade, Milk Corporation. Subotica, Frikom A.d.. Belgrade… Best seller is PVC top cover for a cup of diameter ∅95, almost all milk production companies in Serbia use this product, we also mass produce for companies outside of Serbia. In ice cream industry most used products are PVC small cup covers for ice cream cones, as well as True Sonata of Frikom a.d.. This year plans is to mass produce and deliver, ice cream small top covers, for countries, Macedonia and Croatia.

Polimer Commerce. from the start choose quality, and reliability, both in products manufacturing and services, that business politics, is kept to this very day. and will continue in the same fashion in future. We respond quickly and correctly, to all customers needs and requests, if there is a need for new product, we can deliver 30 in period of 30 days from moment of order..

Polimer Commerce D.o.o.. recently started with the construction of production facilities with complete infrastructure, there is an power transformer installation, which resides on our work area. Installed power is 400 kW, with the extension possibility. Hall and office space has been completed in 2013 -. complete work and production takes place in the new building. Building has an large area and consist of: Business premises with offices 200 m2 and a production area of 600 m2. We are ready for all forms of cooperation with the companies from similar areas of production, There is space for additional work area on the lot where building is currently located, lot is approximately 1 h large, basically a lot of space for additional production halls, if necessary. Human workforce resources is an advantage in this community, recently there was a similar factory with 120 employees 120 working people, therefore a skilled staff is near by :). Polimer Commerce. is in near completing an ISO 9001 certification process. Distance from Polimer Commerce to Belgrade is 80 km. and from Vršac is 22 km. Production hall is located next to the main road Belgrade-Plandiste.